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Oakley Curtain Wall

For buildings with glazing spanning two or more floors

Size: A1, 125mm, 160mm
Application: High rise building
OtherStick form and unitized methods of manufacture

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For architecturally designed buildings and difficult locations

Size: 40mm
Application: Architectural homes, schools and entry level low rise commercial

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Performs well up to a very high wind zone

Size: 35mm
Application: Residential homes
Other: Features Foldback® Bifold, Euroslider® & Eurostacker® 

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Shop Front

Ideally suited to ground floor commercial buildings 

Application: Can be incorporated either internally or externally to a commercial site

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High Performance

For edgy architecture, extreme locations & unique applications

Size: 48mm
Application: High spec architectural homes & low rise commercial

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90% faster to install with superior weathertightness

Size: 35mm
Application: Residential Homes
Other: Patented fully integrated window system

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Flush Glaze Curtain Wall

Structurally glazed & exceeds NZ compliance requirements

Size: 106mm, 136mm, 159mm
Application: Single-storey office/factory complex to multi-storey high-rise

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For cooler climates & architecturally designed homes

Size: 52mm
Application: Energy efficient homes. Over 50% more thermally efficient than standard aluminium

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Composite timber and aluminium joinery 

Size: 38mm
Application: Character homes
Other: Over 50% more thermally efficient than standard aluminium

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