Oakley Curtain Wall

Oakley Curtain Wall
For buildings with glazing spanning two or more floors

Size: A1, 125mm, 160mm
Application: High rise building
Other: Stick form and unitized methods of manufacture

Oakley Curtain Wall Systems can be used where the design of a building requires the glazing span two or more floors of a façade to create the impression of a continuous wall of glass. This can be done both vertically and horizontally on the outside of the structure thereby maximizing the internal floor area.

With the use of high-performing, sound-reducing, tinted or reflective glass and concealed structurally glazed mullions, the appearance of the façade can be created to express horizontal or vertical lines. In many cases, the Curtain Wall System can be used to overclad existing buildings, giving them a totally new lease on life with a modern appearance.

Curtain Wall 125mm

The 125mm Stick form Curtain Wall System has exposed mullions and transoms, the ability to be glazed internally or externally with single or double-glazed unit, and is designed for multiple stories.

Curtain Wall 160mm

The 160mm traditional stick form Curtain Wall System has mullions that can be structurally glazed or expressed glazed, with the option of incorporating other features such as aluminium cladding or granite inserts.

A standout feature of the 160mm curtain wall is its ability to be flexible in the creative application of uses. For example: a curved vertical façade creating a wave effect.

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