Performs well up to a very high wind zone

Size: 35mm
Application: Residential homes
Other: Features Foldback® Bifold, Euroslider® & Eurostacker® 

Selected for most family homes, performs well up to a very high wind zone and boasts modern aesthetics and practical functionality; from smooth sills for easy maintenance to carrying heavy double glazed sliding panels up to 150kg for increased uninterrupted indoor/outdoor flow. Unit heights of up to 2.4 or higher depending on unit type and application, and the minimum wind zone rating for any product is very high.


35mm platform
25mm double glazed unit capacity
Flat and square front face
Concealed drainage option – no visible drain holes anywhere
Upgrade products: Foldback® Bifold, Euroslider® & Eurostacker®
Equal height rail options
Flat face clip in options for boxy look

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