90% faster to install with superior weathertightness

Size: 35mm
Application: Residential Homes
Other: Patented fully integrated window system

Smartfit® is a ready-to-fit window system. The windows and doors have built-in head flashings, jamb flashings, cavity closers, end dams, sill support bars and clever water management features.
Internal tapes, PEF rods, expanding foams or silicones are no longer required. So there are less onsite materials, waste and handling, saving time and money.

Simply place the window in the hole and screw into position through an outer fixing fin.
Much has been done to improve the weathertightness with these windows.

The window opening weatherline has moved out to the face of the wall underlay. This no longer allows the weatherline to extend inwards to the back side of the internal wall lining, so any failure water would drop into the cavity instead of onto the framing trimmer.

The air seal has also moved out to the wall underlay line. The window is screwed into position through an outer fixing fin then Smartfit® 60mm flashing tape is applied over the fin and wall underlay to create an air seal.

Performance & Compliance

  • Compliance with NZS 4211
  • Installation system tested in accordance with E2/VM1
  • CodeMark Certified (number CMA-CM40120)
  • BRANZ appraised - appraisal number 868 (2014)

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